Gone in 30 SECONDS!!

Catalytic Converter theft has risen over 7000% since 2019. Beware and protect your buses!

Security for your Catalytic Converter 
Davey Coach CatTRAP!

In under 30 seconds thieves can steal a catalytic converter, leaving you with more than just a costly unexpected repair bill. A catalytic converter loss can create big logistics headache with
a bus out of service.

Davey CatTRAP provides: FINAL_CatTRAP-BluePrint
    • Peace of Mind – knowing a sturdy theft prevention device will stop or slow a thief in his tracks
    • Eliminate downtime from buses out of service
    • Save a lot of time and money – no insurance claims and unexpected repair bills
Features of the exclusive Davey CatTRAP:
    • Two styles for different vehicle configurations
        • CatTRAP1 - Heavy duty AR500 abrasion resistant steel – bullet proof AND cutter-proof too!
        • CatTRAP2 – Tough to cut ¾” braided stainless steel – tough to cut and it takes a criminal too long to cut through

FINAL_CatTrap II (14)

    • Both can be custom fit around the catalytic converter without compromising bus performance – welded to fit specific models and deter criminals in populated urban or opportunistic rural areas
    • Semi-permanent weld-in solutions for a stable, long lasting installation
    • Detailed install instructions provided with purchase for fast, local turn-around, or it can be installed at any Davey Coach location in North America

Fits the following vehicle types - Customized options also available - Just ask us! 

Chassis Engine Type
Single Cat Ford E350 7.3L Godzilla
Single Cat Ford E450 6.8L Triton V10
Dual Cat Ford E350 5.4L V8 FlexFuel