Davey Coach Certified Pre-Owned

- Exclusively from Davey Coach Sales -

Qualification Checklist:

Paint & Body

  • No scratches, chipping, damages to paint or fiberglass nor evidence of previous repairs visible from 6 feet away from the vehicle
  • All spot repairs smoothly blended with no color discrepancies nor visible seams from masking/taping
  • No visible surface cracks longer than 2”, no concentrated groups of cracks or chipping
  • No significant discoloration to painted surfaces

Mechanical Condition

  • All standard maintenance items performed according to OEM recommended schedule
  • Engine starts/idles/stops properly with no abnormal engine noise
  • Steering, braking and acceleration all operating within normal parameters
  • Suspension operating smoothly with no squeaks or rattles
  • Transmission shifting smoothly and accurately with no audible abnormalities
  • Brakes and Tire Tread at or above DOT required depth respective to component model
  • No service warning lights on dash and all gauges operating properly
  • All equipped accessories including wheelchair lift and access doors, folding seating, cab driver/co-pilot seats, seat belts, luggage/storage walls and compartments, automatic tire chains, driveline retarder, cruise control, ABS, shift interlock, transfer cases/4x4, automatic windows and locks, door handles, egress window locking mechanisms, audio/video equipment, horns, steering wheel tilt and integrated controls, windshield wipers/sprayers working properly
  • All HVAC systems working properly

Cosmetic Condition

  • Interior including driver/co-pilot cab, passenger cab, luggage/storage areas/compartments fully detailed with no significant visible dirt, debris, or stains except for normal wear and tear
  • Interior wall/ceiling/flooring intact and free of damages except for normal wear and tear
  • Exterior fully cleaned with no visible adhesive, dirt or debris except for naturally occurring dirt or precipitation following the final cleaning of the vehicle prior to customer pick up or cosmetic dirt or debris resulting from dealer-provided delivery services


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