Bus Driver & Passenger Protection Shields

  • FULL COVERAGE protection and FULL VISIBILITY for bus driver at main passenger entry/exit point (not air tight).
  • Several varieties of driver barriers available - contact us for your specific bus.
  • Passenger protection available with shields behind each row of seats.
  • Driver barrier swings on a hinge to allow driver to enter/exit, as needed, for emergencies.
  • Shield can be sprayed with disinfectant and wiped dry with microfiber cloth (included w/ purchase - additional cleaner available).
  • Instructions for installation included.
  • Shield can be removed later with minimal “scarring” to the vehicle.
  • DOT compliant materials.

DSC_0208     20200501_123414     Van     Seat-Shield-BeforeAfter

Nanocide Grab Rails

  • Nanocide impregnated, germ-killing entrance grab handle covers.
  • Tested effective on over 630 germs and bacteria.
  • Available for entrance/exit grab handles, which is a high contact point for passengers.

*images enhanced for better visibility of shields